Read on to find out which linguistic service, or combination thereof, best suits your needs.


A good translation is faithful to the original English text yet sounds natural in Spanish. It is not a mere substitution of words with the aid of a dictionary. Rather, it is a careful selection of the best words that can possibly convey the same meaning of the original in a completely different linguistic system and for a completely different culture. It accounts for tone, register, and style. It’s grammatically impeccable. It uses accurate and subject-specific terminology.  You have taken great care to produce a powerful, flawless English text. Now it’s time to sit back and let your professional translator render it into a powerful, flawless Spanish text.

You’ve had your text translated into Spanish, but you have some concerns. Has every idea been expressed clearly and accurately? Is the terminology accurate and consistent? Is the grammar flawless? Is the style right for the target audience? Does the text sound natural and idiomatic? If you would like to have a fresh pair of expert eyes review your text, then this is the service for you. Editing means not only checking your text exhaustively against the original and purging it of any errors it may contain, but also improving it for fluidity, structure, and consistency if needed.

You’ve had your text translated and edited, and you’re ready to put it out there. Maybe that means that you are ready to send out that letter to the Spanish voters in your community. Or launch the Spanish version of your website. Or submit your print-ready PDFs to the printer. But before that, you would like an expert to take a final, thorough look at your Spanish materials and make sure not the slightest typo, error, or inconsistency has made its sneaky way into your Spanish text. If that is so, I will be happy to proofread your Spanish text for you. Remember, this may be your last chance to make sure your Spanish text is flawless!  

Other services
Need a transcription of a medical lecture on ataxia-telangiectasia? Your video presentation on employee engagement and retention strategies needs subtitles? You are looking to study abroad and you need a certified translation of your Birth Certificate? Don’t know where to start on the creation of a glossary and style guide for the Spanish marketing materials of your brand new product? I’ve got you covered. Contact me today to go over the details.

Translation + Proofreading
Let me introduce you to my colleague Mercedes González. We met back in translation school and, just like me, she has well over a decade of experience providing first-rate English to Spanish translation services. Like me, Mercedes is also ATA-certified for English into Spanish translation. Plus, she is simply one of the most professional, savvy, and talented people I know. These days we have partnered up to offer a comprehensive English to Spanish linguistic service as a translator-proofreader tandem. If you hire me to translate your materials and would like Mercedes to proofread them, or if you simply are looking to collaborate with a team, we are your one-stop shop. Contact me or head over to Mercedes’ website  and reach out to her to find out how we can serve you.


Health Care & Public Health
The importance of communicating critical health information in a clear, precise, and straightforward —yet sympathetic and approachable— manner cannot be stressed enough. Rather than a privilege, it is a right and should be the norm. The US Census Bureau has reported that Hispanics are the racial or ethnic group least likely to see a medical provider in the United States, and unfortunately language barriers play a part in this disparity―a much larger one than need be, with the aid of qualified, professional translators to help provide access to insurance plan descriptions and documents, important safety information for drugs and health-related devices, online patient support programs and websites, clear and concise consent and assent forms for research participation, and more.   

Marketing, Localization, & Corporate
If you, as a consumer or buyer, have ever cringed at the sight of a ludicrously badly-translated label or packaging text on an otherwise fine product, then you understand how crucial the contribution of a professional, marketing-savvy translator is for an all-round satisfying client experience. And the same goes for marketing websites and online stores, the front door to your carefully developed product or service in the World Wide Web. The truth is, such translation faux-pas are not comical at all: they are unprofessional, and bad business practice. From radio spots, websites, and e-mail marketing campaigns to product brochures, catalogues, and briefs, I can help you introduce your product or service to Spanish-speaking audiences and markets in a compelling, professional way.
And if your company has a multi-cultural team with Spanish-speaking members, smooth corporate communications and access to guides and handbooks in the employees’ own mother tongue are crucial for the alignment of corporate-wide policies and the successful attainment of business goals. To find out how I can help with this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Government, Elections, & Politics
If you serve under a Federal, state, or local office in the United States, it is possible that many of the documents issued by your office need to be available in Spanish as well as English, so that the Spanish-speaking members of your community may have meaningful access to official services, activities, and the like. I can translate a wide range of official documents and content from English into Spanish for you, including websites, forms, surveys, public notices, public service announcements, press releases, letters, ballot language, guidelines, handbooks, equipment manuals, executive summaries, and more.

I have had the immense joy and honor to translate Jesse Ball’s beautiful novel How to Set a Fire and Why into Spanish. Mr. Ball is the American award-winning author of more than ten books of prose and poetry (and, in his own words, a fabulist, absurdist). The Spanish edition of Mr. Ball’s novel, Cómo provocar un incendio y por qué, is forthcoming from the Argentine publishing house Editorial Sigilo in 2019.
Have you also written a book? Congratulations! Have you thought about translating it into Spanish? Let’s talk. I would love to discuss your literary translation project with you.

Education/E-Learning, Social Sciences, & Humanities
Student editions. Teacher guides. Ancillaries. Assessments. Standards-aligned materials. Family letters. Print. Digital. Video. Exam View banks. Projectables. Answer keys. Math. Science. U.S. History. World History. Civics. Literature. Language Arts. Religion. Reading selections. Glossaries. K12. Advanced Placement. Parent handbooks. Student records. School policies. Parental notifications. Admission documents. You name it, I can translate it. I’ve worked in close contact with big educational publishing houses for almost a decade and I know the education market inside out.
But in these exciting times we live in, and more and more often, education doesn’t always take place in the traditional classroom. Thanks to e-learning technologies, anybody with decent access to Wi-Fi can take your webinar, complete your online workshop, and further their education and skills through your e-course. I have helped clients as varied as NGOs, for-profit companies, and academic institutes reach Spanish-speaking students, trainees, and coachees. 

Need a translation in a field other than the ones listed here?
Contact me. We will go over the project details together and decide whether we are a good fit. Should it turn out that we are not, I will be happy to point you in the direction of a trusted colleague.


Each project is unique, as each translation is subject to a specific set of standards, including types of services provided, volume, subject area, type of text, file format, and urgency. Are you looking for a translation of a 12,000-word employee handbook, a 500-word newsletter, or a 6-word slogan? Is your document a math booklet for first-graders or a ballot summary on establishing an independent taxing district? Do you need it back in a week or must you absolutely have it in your inbox in 24 hours?

These factors, all of which we will go over and agree upon before you commit, will be reflected in the final cost of your translation. (You can read more on why translation is a non-commodity here.)

Contact me today with the details of your project and I’ll be happy to provide you with a personalized, no-obligation quote.